Decorating your home or looking for a gift? Here's 10 reasons to buy handmade... January 23 2014

  1. Handmade products are wonderfully UNIQUE and CREATIVE, down to every last stitch
  2. A large amount of THOUGHT and TIME goes into designing and making a product
  3. Buying handmade products supports LOCAL and SMALL businesses
  4. Get brilliant QUALITY and VALUE for money
  5. Have your item CUSTOMISED and made to a specification
  6. Own something DIFFERENT and EXCLUSIVE that no one else owns
  7. Buying handmade is REWARDING for both the customer and seller
  8. Support goods made with greater consciousness of their ENVIRONMENTAL impact 
  9. When you buy a product, you APPRECIATE the amount of work gone into making it
  10. ENRICH your life with beautiful, handmade goods!