Popping up for Charity - Age UK

Last weekend we participated in a
pop up shop to help raise money for Age UK


We set up our stall alongside 6 other local businesses
in an empty shop in Swan Walk, Horsham.  


Here's how the money raised is spent...


"Just £40 can pay for trained member of staff from Age UK to visit an isolated older person in their own home, complete a full assessment of their finances, fill out all the paperwork and make a claim on their behalf.

With every £1 that gets donated to this service, they turn it into £18 that pays for food, heating and other essentials to keep older people safe and secure."

The money raised was for an excellent cause and we would like to say thank you to everyone who came along!






February 12, 2015 — Sarah Chorlton

Home interior design tips

Many of you LOVE to change your home decor every year, it's exciting!

Now 2015 is here, this is your perfect chance to start afresh and be creative.

We have a few tips to help you get started: 

1. Think of 3 words that describe the new 'look' you want to achieve - Keeping it simply to 3 words stops you from going off track! (For example: Rustic, antique, cosy)

2. Create a mood board - It can be as big or as small as you want. Blank white paper may be daunting as the base, so paint it with 3 shades of colour you're interested in. You can even use a cork board and push pins, which allows you to move your ideas around. You'll roll on from there easily :) 

3. Use a range of media - Fabric, paper, paint colour cards, thread, buttons, old trinkets, found items, paint, crayons, magazine pictures, candle wax - go wild! It's all about ideas.

Remember  - Your home is about YOU. It tells a story about who you are and what you like, so express your individuality! 
January 14, 2015 — Sarah Chorlton

Surround yourself with handmade

January 29, 2014 — Sarah Chorlton

Decorating your home or looking for a gift? Here's 10 reasons to buy handmade...

  1. Handmade products are wonderfully UNIQUE and CREATIVE, down to every last stitch
  2. A large amount of THOUGHT and TIME goes into designing and making a product
  3. Buying handmade products supports LOCAL and SMALL businesses
  4. Get brilliant QUALITY and VALUE for money
  5. Have your item CUSTOMISED and made to a specification
  6. Own something DIFFERENT and EXCLUSIVE that no one else owns
  7. Buying handmade is REWARDING for both the customer and seller
  8. Support goods made with greater consciousness of their ENVIRONMENTAL impact 
  9. When you buy a product, you APPRECIATE the amount of work gone into making it
  10. ENRICH your life with beautiful, handmade goods! 


January 23, 2014 — Sarah Chorlton
Tags: Handmade

Our first blog post - Old Spitalfields market - From Horsham to London

Thought we'd start with something exciting!

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Intuit Pay and they invited us to come and sell our handmade products at Old Spitalfields market.  This was a fantastic opportunity to help them advertise their fantastic payment system, which we use - and love! It's great for small businesses and we can take it anywhere. 

Set up was from 9am and we started trading from 11am. The day started off with curious customers, popping past and browsing. After lunchtime, the footfall got busier as each hour went by.  

We had a selection of our handmade cushions and bunting on display for customers to browse. Our most popular items were the pug cushions, jazzy bunting, Mr and Mrs cushions and our well known moustache cushions! They sparked up plenty of conversation and had passers by pointing. 

Next to our stall, Illustrator Stacie Swift was selling her quirky designs and prints. Have a peek at her work here http://www.stacieswift.com/ - just marvellous!

Being a regular marketeer in our local town of Horsham, we used our trading knowledge, adapted to a completely different environment in London and loved every second. 

Our first market in London was a success - here's to many more!



June 24, 2013 — Sarah Chorlton