What size cushion inners should you use?

Cushion covers come in many shapes and sizes...and so do cushion inners.

You would automatically think that an 18 x 18 inch cushion cover would fit an 18 x 18 inch cushion pad right? Wrong!

Matching the sizes of the cushion cover and cushion inner seems logical, but in most cases this will end up looking saggy and loose fitted.

By rule of thumb, your cushion inner should be 1-2 inches larger than the cushion cover. This helps achieve a plump look and holds the shape of the cushion well, which will be properly filled and comfortable. 

Some cushion inners can vary in size due to a few reasons, for example, different brands and type of filling. If you are filling a larger cushion cover eg. 22 x 22 inches or above, we recommend using inners which are 2 inches bigger.

See examples below:

17 x 17 inch cushion cover - Use an 18 x 18 inch inner

19 x 19 inch cushion cover - Use a 20 x 20 inch inner

16 x 12 inch cushion cover - Use an 17 x 13 inch inner

19 x 11 inch cushion cover - Use a 20 x 12 inch inner

We hope this helps you choose the correct inners for your cushion covers and if you are purchasing cushion covers from us which including the inner, you don't need to worry as we choose the right size inner for you!